Breakthrough in Virtual Care: Ophthalmologists & Other Specialists can now Deliver Fully Reimbursable Encounters to Primary Care Patients via Platforms Deployed in Federally Qualified Health Centers

Access - Affordability - Quality - Protection

Healthcare’s Unsolved Problems of Cost, Access, and Quality

The United States has the highest healthcare costs in the world. In 2020, the US spent about $4 trillion on healthcare, or nearly $12,000 per person per year, more than double the average per capita spend of peer nations,

Despite spending more on healthcare than other countries, many Americans have limited access to needed healthcare services. Ten percent of the US population remains uninsured with limited accessed to basic health care services and medications and many rural residents lack access to medical specialists.

While excelling in many high-tech medical services, the US lags many nations in providing its citizens with basic healthcare services resulting in one of the worst infant mortality rates in the world and a life expectancy that lags far behind most high-income countries.

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Our Platform

The Platform is a proprietary telemedicine technology that brings digitized patient encounters and other specialty medical services to schools, nursing homes, assisted care facilities, primary care clinics, and other remote access sites.

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Our Model signs agreements with network partners, deploys its platform into an access site and collects a fee for every patient encounter performed.’snetwork partners include Federally Qualified Health Ceners (“FQHCs”) and other primary care clinics, nursing homes, assisted care facilities, school clinics and veterans centers. As a Medical Service Organization (MSO), contracts with providers and bills payors on their behalf, or providers may bill payors for services and pay's per encounter fee.

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